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 Convinience of e-books

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Managing Director

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PostSubject: Convinience of e-books   Sat Mar 21, 2009 10:51 am

Now that you are talking about e-books,tell me whether you guys read the e-books.
I mean many people can't read directly from the computer because of the glare.
I somehow managed to read one novel in pdf format but my reading speed was slow while reading from the screen.I have read many comic books from the monitor and found it convinient.What is your opinion are ebooks convinient to read?
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Managing Director

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PostSubject: Re: Convinience of e-books   Sat Mar 21, 2009 4:13 pm

ebooks cannot replace normal books..
But ebooks have lots of advantages.. Easy to get and wont cost a penny.. Able to get good ebooks compared to stupid normal books available in market..
For studies, eBook is best option.. I get lots of good ebooks which are easier to understand and having more depth in topics..

But I prefer taking printout and reading hard copy instead of reading it from screen..
For glare problems, I use antiglare specs.. We won't get headache or red eyes if we use that..

Main problem of ebook is that it is not comfortable.. I sometimes prefer reading while walking..

There are many ebook readers available in market..

In future, ebook readers will be cheap, very thin and more comfortable than normal books.. Then only the ebooks will dominate over normal books..
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Convinience of e-books
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