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 Blackcats-Games open signups via IRC – Free referrals

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PostSubject: Blackcats-Games open signups via IRC – Free referrals   Mon Apr 13, 2009 3:08 pm

The following is quoted from a message stoi (BCG Owner) posted on FST a few hours ago. Read it in full, specially the parts that are in bold:

Quote :

BCG is sort of having open signups. We are taking new members in our IRC
a few things to make clear first though
1: There is only a couple of staff doing this, so dont just sit there and think, nothing is happening and leave. also because there is only a couple of staff doing it, you may have to wait while.
2: you are supposed to tell us a joke and you will probably get in (not my idea).
3: make sure you have an email, that is not yahoo or hotmail and is less then 30 characters long, that includes the
4: You will be going on the staff members referral tree, so if you **** up, the staff member will get punished as well, well as you can tell from that, if this happens we will not be happy, and you may find yourself banned from more than BCG.
5: You do get 15gig on your upload as soon as you join auto (this is only from a staff referral, if a user refers you, you only get 2 gig. But this does not mean you can hit and run, see point 6.
6: We work a hell of a lot different from other trackers, so if you have never been a member before, make sure you read the FAQ/Rules and the SP FAQ.
and i think thats about it (time for me to go to bed so i miss the hordes lol)

How to join BCG IRC Channel

The main BCG IRC channel is #blackcats on This channel is usually accessible only to registered members. All non members are first taken to #waitingroom which is where you can request for invites (as i understand). Here is how you can join #waitingroom:

1. You’ll need to download an IRC client first. Web based IRC clients are banned from BCG.
2. Once IRC client is set up, change you nickname to whatever nickname you want to have on BCG tracker (in mIRC, nickname can be changed in Tools—>Options menu.
3. Join the BCG IRC channel. This is located on IRC server and the channel name is #blackcats (non members will automatically be taken to #waitingroom). If you are using mIRC click on this direct link irc:// to instantly visit the channel.

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Blackcats-Games open signups via IRC – Free referrals
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