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 Adventures of Arijit...........

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PostSubject: Adventures of Arijit...........   Thu Sep 30, 2010 9:11 am

An Actual conversation from my Maths Class:
Teacher: "The Reduction Formula for Definite Integral Cos to the power m (x) with limits 0 to pi/2 * cos nx dx = m/(m+n) * Integration of Definite Integral cos to the power m-1 (x) * cos(n-1)x dx with limits 0 to pi/2" "Did you all Understand ?"
Arijit: No Ma'am ! Could you please explain how?
Teacher: Why don't you get out of my class? We don't need students who can't understand the golden words of what their valuable and experienced teachers are saying.
Arijit: But Ma'am you just now asked us whether we understood or not and since I didn't understand- I requested you to explain again.
Teacher: When I ask whether everyone understood or not- I MEAN THAT YOU ALL BETTER UNDERSTAND.
Arijit: (In his Thoughts------ WTFK Neutral ) Shocked

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Adventures of Arijit...........
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