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 Ban this Page from Facebook !

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PostSubject: Ban this Page from Facebook !   Wed Jan 16, 2013 3:04 am

Ok guys this is a serious concern and I want everyone reading this post to think rationally and decide whether I'm wrong or not.

There is this page in Facebook called as "GPA doesn't MatTeR"

Here is the link:

Their content is understood from the title of the Page.
(NOTE: The admin of that page is from Pakistan and I never had a problem with that)

But recently they made a very nasty post regarding the LOC incident which took place recently.
On asking the admin to refrain from posting such topics - he abused me.
Now I lost my cool as well. I abused back and the Admin banned me from the page as expected.
I do not give a **** of getting banned. But I want that page to be taken down because it has insulted India.
If you believe what has happened is wrong - Please go to the page and report it to Facebook and ask the page to be taken down. I will try to spread this message everywhere possible and would be glad if you do it as well. It's for our Nation India or any other Nation for that matter. How dare they insult us like that ? They have the maturity of PEANUTS !!! Bloody morons- why get into a political issue which will flame others especially on such a sensitive issue ??? Please help me bring this page down so that such people are taught a lesson.

Here is exactly what happened: ( If the images are not clear- I have provided links at the end of all the images which you can click and see)


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Ban this Page from Facebook !
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