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 Rules and Regulations!

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations!   Tue Mar 10, 2009 3:36 pm

Following are the rules which each and every member , moderator or admins are supposed to obey, follow and oblige. Breaking of the forum rules will result in severe consequences. The rules are eligible to change/ modify without prior notice. The head of the forums have the final say. No kind of arguments will be entertained. We want a healthy relationship in the forum, so please help us to maintain that.
Here are the following rules:-

1 ) No spamming.

2 ) No usage of abusive/ offensive words.

3 ) No flaming others.

4 ) No ranting.

5 ) No pictures or videos of pornography .

6 ) Respect your admins, moderators and members of the forum.

7 ) Users should be called by their respective usernames only. Even if you know their real life names- refrain from using it. If people want some privacy- let them have it.

8 ) All posts in the forum should be posted in the English Language only the origin of the words are from some other language. Eg: Quotes, movie names, song names,etc.

9) No improper usage of the Reputation Function.

10) Before starting any new topic in the forum, please search the forum for any related topics.

11) All text jokes i.e jokes without pictures or any other form must be posted under the "Funny Jokes" Category in Humour Mania.

12 ) Do not impersonate staff in any way; this includes avatars or nicknames that resemble those of mods/staff.

13) Any illegal content will not be tolerated. Eg: Hacks for games, cheats,etc. Consequences of such an action will be severe.
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Rules and Regulations!
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